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DAY 8: Port-au-Prince to Jacmel

We made it! 200 miles from Cap-Haitien to Jacmel. Runners from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, California, and Arcahaie, Haiti came together and proved how far you can push the human spirit when you believe in something. To our runners, crew, and to you reading this right now, thank you for believing that we can end poverty through dignified jobs. Thank you for believing in our families.

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DAY 5: St. Marc to Wahoo Bay

We said “au revoir” to Saint-Marc and runners hit the road at 4:30AM for 20 miles to Wahoo Bay. While Day 5 is one of the lower mileage days, the rolling hills and the 103 miles thus far can make for a challenging run.

We wrapped up the run by 10AM, refueled, and traveled to Menelas to see our families. The trip to Menelas is always a highlight. Our runners meet the families they are running for and are immersed in the impact that they are making through running. Marckenley, Falada, and Verline represented our families in welcoming everyone and sharing collective words of gratitude.

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DAY 3: D’Ennery to Gonaives

Day 3 took us out of the mountains of Ennery and into the bustling agricultural capital of Haiti, Gonaives. This 20-mile day seemed like a breeze compared to the 34-mile day that would follow. The early start provided cover from the heat, allowing runners to enjoy the course while mentally preparing for Day 4.

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DAY 1: Cap-Haitien to Plaisance

We finally made it to our Run Across Haiti starting line! With a 4:27 a.m. start, we kicked off on the coast of Cap-Haitien. The first 27 miles were flat with some large rolling hills and the final 6 was a 2,000 ft. ascend to Plaisance. Check out our runners’ blog posts from the day and comment to let them know you’re cheering for them!

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