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accompanied by annie & mark

The relationship with my 1:1 means a lot to me. It’s a good thing because we talk together and get to know each other. She is a friend I can talk to in life.” - Angelina


Accompany a Family Member


One family member at a time, we will end poverty for all of Menelas.

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The 1,500 families who live in Menelas earn an average income of $30USD per household. Basic services in the community are lacking. To end poverty for the community, we have to begin by moving our families out of the hole. This starts with our wrap-around service, which includes medical care, education, and job training and placement.

As you may imagine, the funding to support these critical services must be consistent. This is where our 1:1 Campaign comes in. We're asking our supporters like you to accompany just 1 family member.

The 1:1 Campaign matches each individual we serve in Haiti with someone like you. Then, you commit to monthly support and promise to stay in touch with the individual you sponsor (don’t worry, we’ll help). In turn, you’ll receive exclusive updates and communications from your family member and be kept up to date with the important life milestones and accomplishments your gift makes possible. 

It's a 3-step process to sign up. After that, look for an email from us with information on your family member.