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Menelas: Our community of 10,000 family members


Why work? 

Having a job is like having a new life. When you have a job, you can take care of your needs, and build your future, and your kids' futures, too.



Menelas is a community in Port-au-Prince, northwest of Cite Soleil. It was established around 2004 when the Dominican Republic expelled Haitians and Dominicans with Haitian descent en masse. Since then, Menelas has become a community of refuge. Families have moved to this community to escape violence in neighborhoods nearby, to rebuild in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, and to seek opportunities in the country’s landfill, Truttier.

Key Stats
Population: approximately 10,000 family members when accounting for bordering community of Truttier and Molea, both included in the service area of Work.

Average household size: 6. Families comprised of 50% children

Median age: 19 years old

Median monthly household income: $30.5 USD