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This shop is made possible by our business partners who have committed to ending poverty through jobs.

Run Across Haiti® Ciele Hat

Run Across Haiti® Ciele GOcap—$40

The Ciele GOCap has landed on every favorite running gear list over the last two years. Truth be told, it's also our favorite running hat. We're stoked to partner with them to bring you a limited-run Ciele x Run Across Haiti® performance headwear that has you styling with impact. Rock one with us.



Meraki in Greek means doing something with soul, creativity, or love and when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing, whatever it may be. That’s the ethos of Meraki Handmade—where hand meets heart. Meraki is dedicating 2 styles of personalized hand-stamped necklaces with 100% of the proceeds donated our work. Use the code LOCALPICKUP to pick it up in person in Los Angeles.

Something else catch your eye? Use the code WORK15 for 15% off any of the other products with proceeds going towards dignified jobs!

Rodan + Fields—From $15

Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant, Kristen Mauclair, donates 15% of her sales to Work. "I believe I was put into this business to give back. This is what our family is passionate about!"

These are skin care pros, so when you select "Take me to R+F" below, you'll be taken to their consultation page to be matched with the best product for you. Funds donated support education and training for our women and girls.

Columbus Running Company.jpg

Columbus Running Company—FREE SHIPPING

The Ohio-based Columbus Running Company is dedicated to offering the best service, product, and value available. They pride themselves on their devotion to developing the sport of running locally as well as charities and local programs. Use the code WORK19 at checkout for free shipping and CRC will donate 10% of these orders towards good, dignified jobs.

Liquid IV-2.jpg


Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that provides the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. Liquid I.V. is a Run Across Haiti® Partner and is enjoyed while on the run.

Head to Liquid I.V.’s website and use our promo code WORK10 for 10% off all purchases made on their website. Liquid I.V. will donate 10% of all proceeds from purchases with this code.

Stick People Cards - From $6

Look no further for the perfect card for every occasion. Stick People Cards' got you with their witty and fun cards that can be personalized to your needs while supporting our education program in Menelas. $2 from each card supports our work. Looking to buy in bulk for the season? Contact to get wholesale pricing! 


Dignity Cuff -From $48

A hand-forged cuff from Studebaker Metals in Pittsburgh made with love and engraved with the term 'dignity,' for the lasting impact created with an ability to provide for one's own. 50% of sales is donated to our work.

Reyuze 1.jpg

ReYuze Cases - from $11

ReYuze Cases makes phone cases, in the USA, out of 100% recycled plastic from the streets, canals, and landfills in Haiti. Each case is made up of approximately 1 HDPE bottle collected by Haitian communities and families. $1 from every purchase goes to our First Mile Coalition to address undignified child labor in plastic collection in Haiti.

As seen in Recycling Magazine and Recycling International.


Cocoa elite - 10% off

Cocoa Elite believes in real ingredients and the benefits of cocoa. Every Cocoa Elite product has 5 or less natural ingredients and loaded with flavors. Nothing artificial, GMO free. Cocoa Elite is a Partner for the Run Across Haiti®. Our runners enjoy the product while on the run!

Head to Cocoa Elite's site and make sure to use our code for a 10% discount on an order or an additional 5% on the already discounted (15%) subscription price: helpWork2018. Cocoa Elite will donate 10% of the proceeds to support dignified jobs.