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I didn’t sleep much between Day 7 and Day 8, but I knew I’d be ready to go anyway. As the night started I began to get pumped, jumping around, smiling, and dancing. I had joy for myself, but I also had an excitement for all the first time RAH (Run Across Haiti) Runners. They were about to make the trek into the unknown, getting ready to conquer the longest day yet. The run hadn’t even started and I was already as proud as can be. Fast forward ten, eleven, twelve hours later, we were all standing in Jacmel. We had all climbed a mountain, descended a mountain, ran through markets, dodged cars, buses, bikes, and people. We were in pain, sore, tired, some of us sunburnt, and all the things you could think of, but we did it. Each and every person involved with the last few days played a very important role in getting us here. The families, the crew, the cheer squad, all of them. I would just like to take this time to say THANK YOU to them. I would also like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated, because of you our families will continue to be supported in bettering themselves for their present and future circumstances. I look forward to seeing Haiti again!!!



Day 4

34 Miles

Mentally going into this run I was bit in worrier mode as opposed to warrior mode. I remembered back to last year’s run about how tough Day 4 was. The sun, the blistering heat, being exposed, hydrating as much as you can, and still nothing works. So before today’s run started, I was already in my own head and not in a good way. This year we took a bus miles out and started a little further ahead. During the bus ride I had the time I needed to check myself, to remember the reason why I am here. Me running 34 miles in heat is nothing compared to growing up in poverty. Realizing that my thoughts were no longer an issue, but instead a reason to run with even more pride and passion, instantly gave me a sense of gratitude. Once the run started I was fine!!! I ran, I jogged, I walked, but more than anything, I once again gave Haiti another piece of my heart. Today’s run was still tough but I’d run it again and again if meant it would continue to help our families.