Duy Nguyen

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Day 4

Wowow! This is hard. Last year when I decided to run across Haiti, I thought I knew what to expect having witnessed four years of runners accomplish this amazing feat. I thought it’d help me on my own run but nothing can truly prepare you other than having done it before. Well maybe training but who has time for that, right?!

Today was another difficult one. No matter the mileage, they’re all difficult in their own way. Thankful for my teammates and crew for pushing me through, helping me see what I’m capable of when my mind says otherwise.

We’re all here to suffer. To put ourselves in a seemingly insurmountable position, doing whatever it takes to get by. Maybe then, only then, will we be able to imagine what it’s like to be born into abject poverty.

Maybe I’ll even learn to smile on one of these runs.