An Update on the Riots


Dear Work Family,

Many of you have read about the riots taking place in Haiti the last few days. Thank you to those who have reached out. Our team has been coordinating every few hours to ensure the safety and well-being of our families. We’re glad to report that everyone is okay.

Unfortunately, our team and partners in Haiti confirmed that the situation is as bad as it sounds. Wealthier areas were especially targeted. You'll read that some establishments have even been robbed and set on fire. They're not near Menelas or our families and team, although everyone is staying home and off the streets to remain safe. The last few days’ flights from the US to Haiti were canceled until further notice. Strikes are scheduled for today and tomorrow.

The riots were caused by a 38% to 51% hike in gas prices to decrease ongoing subsidies that were to go into effect last week. The hike was set in February to comply with the conditions of a loan by the International Monetary Fund to the country. Over the weekend, the Prime Minister suspended the increase at the pressure of the people, who has since also asked for the President to step down.

Supplies have been difficult to come by as markets and gas stations have been damaged or closed. Most of our families are in need of food and clean water and we were able to confirm a delivery of supplies this morning. Carmitha’s market was restocked just prior to the unrest and the family is packaging supplies for everyone. We’re all very glad they’re able to step up.

While our team and families are sad to witness the situation unfold, we can’t thank you enough for your concerns and support. Our families need us to remain committed now, more than ever. We continue to stand alongside our families and we’ll share updates as they arise. It is our hope that our parents can return to work and our kids can participate in programming and play safely in the streets again very soon.

We are tweeting updates as we hear them from our Haiti team. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For our families…,

The Work Team