Christian Gabarda—Why I Ran Across Haiti


One of the coolest things about the Run Across Haiti is learning about our runners' stories and their reasons for attempting the run. This year, 28 runners with 28 different stories collaborated on the success of the Run. Christian Gabarda, one of this year's finishers, shared his why on his company blog at UPMC.

So, why did I sign up to run over 200 miles across an entire country? My personal reason takes me back to my grandma. She was a survivor of World War II (that tells you how tough and strong she is) and had the biggest heart in the world. She would not hesitate to help anybody in any way she could. In trying to continue her legacy, my amazing and beautiful wife and I are trying to use our gifts with endurance sports in helping others.

We're grateful to UPMC not only for their support of their employees' involvement in our work, but for their past support of our annual Blackjack Spectacular as well. Check out the full blog post on their blog.