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Our Run Across Haiti is an adventure run to show that Haiti is not a place to be feared or to be pitied. 


We started the Run Across Haiti to show that Haiti is not a place to be feared or to be pitied and to raise funds for our work in ending poverty in Menelas through dignified jobs.

We recognize that running a ridiculous amount of miles in one go can lend us a large platform to talk about forgotten places like Haiti and seemingly unsolvable problems like extreme poverty. And so, we bring a team together each year, we put one foot in front of the other, and we keep moving until we hit the finish line.

We hope the run sets a foundation for how we think a dialogue about poverty should begin. When you’re in the middle of it at 5mph, you learn that no matter who we are, we all want the same things: a roof over our heads and for our kids to have a better life than we did. If people cross the finish line having felt that, even for a second and even if they never come back, we’ll have done our job.