Team Tassy is now...Work


Family and friends, 

We have officially rebranded from Team Tassy to Work! It's an exciting time to launch this new chapter of our organization with you. 

We spent the first six years of our organization learning from our families, building our wrap-around service model, and piloting our job programs. We made more than a few mistakes, but today, are very very proud to report that the first family members to come through our program have open access to medical care, our kids are on track to graduate high school, and our adult family members are ready to work. Graduating family members are giving back by teaching their skill sets to new cohorts. We’ve built a foundation that proves our thesis: that poverty is a deep hole that our family members are stuck in. Access to good medical care, education, and job training are rungs on a ladder out.

In this, our sixth year (we can’t believe it either), we’re ready to turn our focus to job creation, training, and placement. We’ve come up with a new name that marks this transition to what has been on our minds and in our hearts this whole time, that jobs will end poverty forever.

We cannot wait to share more in person at our 4th Annual Blackjack Spectacular tonight to a packed room of friends and family. Our new website will launch next week and we'll follow up then with ways you can support our new brand. In the meantime, click below to find an explanation of our new name and our brand guidelines. 

From the bottom of our hearts (and the hole) thank you for your support. There’s so much more to do to end poverty for the 10,000 family members in Menelas, and we’re just getting started.

Let's get to Work..., 


Vivien Luk, Executive Director                                                                                            Ian Rosenberger, Founder & Board Chair