DAY 7—Wahoo Bay to Port-au-Prince

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Today we ran the route we previewed yesterday on our trip to Menelas. 28 miles to Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. A few rolling hills, two busy markets, and a strong headwind made today a challenge for our runners but by relying on the strength of the team, and a fresh reminder on why we run, everyone finished strong. 52 miles starting tomorrow night. Let’s do this.

We love reading your comments! Thank you for the words of support. It helps us to keep going throughout the day!


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57% Raised of New Goal



Watch the Day 6 To 8 Recap Video:



Matty Mo

Legacy.  It’s such a powerful word…and definitely a thought to ponder.

Tomorrow is a legacy run. 52 mile run broken up into a full 26.2 marathon out of Port-Au-Prince in the midnight darkness to the base of the legendary mountain pass, that we will spend the remaining time climbing and descending into the dust bowl town of Jacmel.

Whether you’re a runner reading this…OR…a family or friend of a runner, this day for us, will continue to build legacies. 

We’ve come so far on this trip. Each day the runners wake early, tired from the last day, dehydrated and malnutritioned, excited or nervous for what’s to come that day…and each of us, gets through it! Working together in groups and creating bonds over the past 7 days that will last a lifetime.

The visitors and readers of the blogs and social media updates, also have created their own support groups, LIKE’ing and vicariously living through the amazing recap videos.

All the effort across board, will come to a conclusion tomorrow on the last run day.

Each runner will start out, having the single goal of making to the Caribbean Sea and wash the dust of the mountain BUT not of the memories…and their legacy will be cemented as someone who made it across the country of Haiti.

It will be hard. It will be mentally challenging. There will be doubts about if the body can go another step. Family and friends will wake early at home, and keep REFRESHING the Work web site for updates on their runner.

And all along, the Run Across Haiti will be helping these amazing runners build character and do something they never thought possible.

Legacy.  A powerful word BUT something most of these runners will realize what they’ve accomplished at the finish tomorrow.

Best of luck to all…and we will see you with a Prestige at the finish.



The Final Days

Here we are! Our final, 52 mile run! This evening the run will commence at 11 pm and we're all a bit tired and anxious. For many of us, this will be the longest run of our lives, but I have no doubt that the team will persevere. We sure have thus far!! The support from our crew members, cheer squad, family and friends all over the world, and most importantly the faces we put to the names yesterday will be all the inspiration we need to get to Jacmel! Keep us in your thoughts as we conquer these miles and see the coast on the other side!



I’m writing this post just after finishing Day 7, and just before beginning Day 8, our final run into Jacmel. The window between the end of one run and the start of there next is about 13 hours, not quite enough time to refuel after 27 miles and start a 54-mile run.

In preparing for the final run, and the “last milestones” on the trip (last run start, last checkpoint, last night without my family), I’m reflecting on number of personal firsts I’ve had during this trip. Here are just a few:

  • Longest distance run in a single day (after tomorrow’s run, I will have exceeded that personal record THREE TIMES in just one week).

  • Most roommates in a single week. I’ve had a different roommate each night of this trip. Right now I have five of them. When you run all day, and then share war stories and a bathroom, you get to know people pretty well. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some pretty remarkable women this week.

  • Most “likes” on my social media posts! It absolutely makes my day when I get back from a run and see that friends from near and far, past lives and present, have liked, commented on and shared my posts. I definitely feel supported and loved! Thank you for your support.

  • Longest time on a trip without my family. I miss Dave, Eli and Hannah so much! I’m counting the hours until I get to see them.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support of me and this adventure of mine.