Dani Marsh

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Day 4

100 miles down. How crazy to think that just 4 days ago I was just starting this Run Across Haiti®. It’s hard to describe this trip. I’ve been physically exhausted, overwhelmed by the beauty of this country, and every emotion in between. I’ve been nervous at the start of the harder runs (shout out to 34 miles in the sun today) and overcome with relief and with pride at the finish lines. 3 more runs. 3 more 2:30 am wake up calls. 3 more HOT runs. I’m ready to bring this one coast to coast.

Follow along the 2nd half of my journey @dani_runs_haiti and donate here.

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Day 1

How can you describe something that is simply indescribable?

Today’s run took us from Cap Haitian to Plaisance, starting with a 4:00 AM kickoff on the empty city streets, through woods and towns and eventually straight up and down a “Haitian hill” (read: mountain).

To describe it as a long run wouldn’t do it justice. Yes, it was definitely long, but it was an experience more than anything. The people here are so welcoming, and running, literally, through their day to day lives has given me a perspective of this country that I could never have expected before. If you want to get to know a new place, run through it.

Even now, I can tell that this journey coast to coast is going to change me. Physically, sure, but mentally too. Please follow along with me on my journey across Haiti!