Cathy Ricker

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The last day of running. I can not believe we have made it this far on foot. These amazing people keep surrounding me with love and good spirits! They pushed me to every finish line. On my last day of running, I want to say thanks to Haiti and to all the amazing people here. There were thousands of “Bonjou”’s as I ran across this country. I think the motos and tap-taps really did love us too! I’m going to miss these mountains and my new family. Thank you WORK for opening my eyes to Haiti, a place that should not be feared.


Day 3

It is pretty amazing starting off your day at 3 AM and meeting your new family for breakfast in a beautiful country that you have never experienced anything like.

Starting a twenty mile run is the last thing you really want to do but when you look around at all the bright faces around you it is no longer a challenge. So far in Haiti I have cried may times, all happy tears. When I look around at the amazing, breathtaking mountains beyond mountains you can’t help but to just stare and cry. When you are running up a hill and a small child runs with you in flip flops it brings tears to your eye. When you are starting to get tired and want to stop running you round the corner and see the amazing crew of WORK at the checkpoint and you can not stop the tears. Haiti is such a beautiful country and I’m so happy I was given the opportunity to meet so many great people that are sharing their country with me. Thank you Haiti! So excited to run more miles tomorrow!