2019 Run Across Haiti® Postponed

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Dear Work Family, 

It is with a heavy heart that we share our decision to postpone this year’s Run Across Haiti® to a later date. Many of you have read about the civil unrest in Haiti. Called “Operation Lock Country,” demonstrators have made movements impossible by blocking off major roads. The situation stems from the lack of outcomes for a $2 billion service fund along with severe inflation and devaluation of the local currency. Protestors have demanded for the President to step down, a demand he has yet to address. 

In reviewing all available options, our leadership team feels that with the current challenges at hand, we simply cannot execute the type of experience that our runners deserve and that we’ve come to expect as the hallmark of our Run Across Haiti®. Like us, our RAH team is disappointed, but they support the decision fully and have turned their attention to supporting our families.

Our families and team are safe and want nothing more than to be able to get back to school and to work. During this time, we’re reminded that our work is more important than ever. This morning, our team distributed food and clean water to all of our families and we will continue to stand by to support. If you’re interested in helping out, reply directly and we’ll connect that way.

While what we primarily hear during this time are acts of violence and chaos, please understand that there’s an entire network of hard working people ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their fellow neighbors. We must stand behind our local leaders and families and continue to support their tireless efforts to enact positive change, whether it’s for themselves, their families, or their country. Remain committed with us and let’s be ready to resume our work once the situation settles.

As we work to reschedule the Run Across Haiti®, we will continue to raise towards our goal. This funding also enables us to serve the acute needs of our families during this time. Join us at www.crowdrise.com/2019RAH.

Haiti remains a place to not be feared or to be pitied. We’re in this together.

Pou Ayiti,

Ian and Viv

Ian Rosenberger, Founder and Board Chair
Vivien Luk, Executive Director


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