Ozzie and Iggy Run 52 Miles


In honor of our last day of the Run Across Haiti®, Ozzie and Iggy—or Izzie, as they refer to themselves—decided to run 52 miles to continue their fundraising for our families in Haiti. We are continually inspired by the Los Angeles running community and their heart for Haiti. Check out the photo recap and Iggy’s, Ozzie’s, and Esther’s reflections below to get a glimpse of this incredible day.

Edwin | @EDWN_Cruz


Iggy Rosas

52 mile run for Haiti 🇭🇹 I don’t know how to put it all in words of what happened today, but I’ll try anyways. When Ozzie first told us that he wants to run 52 miles on track, I thought to myself 🤔 how is that even possible! I did the math and my head exploded 🤯 I told him okay, I’m going to push myself run 20 miles on Saturday (as I already planned to do so) and try to run all 52 miles on Sunday. He responded “You got this brotha!! You’re not going to try, you’re going to do!!!” And I did! I was in so much pain, my legs felt like a rock, my right knee was killing me, but this was for Haiti. I pushed through the pain, all mental blocks, fear, and just put one foot in front of the other. In my last 8 laps, I repeated what Ozzie told me and pushed through, strong enough to finish without stopping. Yes! I bawled my eyes out in my last lap, but it was honestly because this was something that I was so determined to complete! Special thanks to everyone who came out and supported us throughout the day. You all made it truly special and I’m blessed with each and every one of you.

I’m really happy to say we completed 52 miles for our family in Haiti 🇭🇹. Now this has been the farthest run I’ve accomplished and learned a lot about how we are capable of anything we set our minds to. 
Please if you haven’t already, you could still help us reach our fundraiser goal and donate today to end poverty through good dignified jobs.

P O U A Y I T I !


It’s not about running 52 miles, it’s about WHY I ran 52 miles. I’m horrible with words so I’ll try and keep it short. When we die, what we do for ourselves doesn’t matter, what we do for others lives on forever. I wanted to show our families in Haiti that we stand with them through these tough times and beyond. You can support our families by reading up on and making a donation to myself or any of the other #RunAcrossHaiti members @benjamin_alma @efreeborn @maisonaip @dinelaofficial @iggytheminion @alexanderishida Each of us are doing what we can to help make a difference. A little support goes a long way. Thank you to my bro @claytonrosa for this amazing art piece of myself, I appreciate you sir. Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday, you made the run bearable lol. Thank You!!!

Esther Park

Why does one willingly run 52 miles, that’s 208 laps around the track for people 3,000 miles away, for people whom they haven’t met?

Well, you might want to look into the hearts of our runners Ozzie Lopez and Ignacio Rosas who did just that this past Sunday. I met Ozzie through the Nike Run Club many years ago and through life’s blessings and hardships, one thing that remains foremost in Ozzie’s heart is serving others. He has said that “when we die, what we do for ourselves won’t matter. However what we do for others will last forever.” As the day progressed, we could see the pain on Ozzie’s face but he did not falter as he knew he had to stay strong for Iggy, his peers and our families in Haiti. Ozzie is one of those who makes sacrifices to give power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

Iggy, who had run 20 miles the day prior, started with tired legs and unsure how his body would hold up. As we ran side by side for a few miles, Iggy shared with me about his late Uncle who had always believed in him and that’s what gives him strength. He shared that the running community has changed his life, one from sadness and depression to one filled with purpose and confidence. He kept thanking me and my son for the support but it was really the other way around. I was filled with hope and gratitude to know there are people like Iggy who understand that it only takes one person to impact another’s life forever. His Uncle empowered Iggy and left his legacy, and now in turn Iggy will go on to empower the children, men and women in Haiti who all need that one person to believe in them.

Iggy broke into tears as he ran his last lap and Ozzie welcomed him to the finish line. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed. To Ozzie and Iggy, I believe God would not have put a dream in your heart if he had not already given you everything you need to fulfill it, Pou Ayiti.