September Visit Haiti Recap


Fall is upon us, and so is our final group trip to Haiti. This November 1st to 5th, join us in Haiti for our 7th Annual Beach Day.

During our monthly trips, we visit with families, contribute to local programming, participate in our run club, learn about the country’s history, and sightsee. We spend time hearing from our local team on the best ways to support to accompany our families out of poverty for good.

We were joined by supporters on our latest trip where we worked to build capacity of our programs in the community. We worked together to problem solve in the classroom. By providing a safe space for frank conversations, we were able to productively draw on the expertise of our guests (including a teacher!) to come up with solutions that best serve our children. We visited our local partners such as Hopital Fontaine, Hopital Bernard Mevs, and Hopital Adventiste to move our collective work forward. Our team and travel guests participated in our local run club to continue to encourage our families to combine exercise into their daily routines. One of our supporters who’s a trainer, led a longer run for those who were interested. We also spent time visiting with families, accompanied by our local team, to hear their concerns and celebrate milestones together.

Since inception, our team has spent dedicated time building relationships with our families. As a result, we are able to align our accompaniments with exactly what our families need. During our trips, our guests have the same opportunity to learn from our families, to learn about what it takes to end poverty for good, and to contribute their time, resources, and expertise to targeted and effective solutions. Don’t get us wrong...we also have a lot of fun. Join us in November. We can use your help. Check out the below photo gallery for the highlights!

EngagementVivien Luk