The Power of Community

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Last month, we piloted our Community Recycling Program in collaboration with our sister company, Thread. Pascale, one of our secondary school students was selected as our project intern. Collection sites created across Menelas were quickly filled up with plastic bottles. Our goals are to intercept plastic waste before they reach the landfill or the ocean and to reinvest revenues generated back into the community. Pound by pound, our families are making it happen and we can't wait for our first investment to take place. Work families are so excited to move this forward. They're even the ones leading the charge. Special thanks to family members Marc Noel, Ericka, Clermitha, Louisnel, Marillia, and Kathiana for their service on the CRP Leadership Committee.

Speaking of the landfill...our first cohort of First Mile Coalition kids have been spending their summer with us enrolled into our Summer Youth Program and our Summer Camp. These students are on average 4 years behind in school and have been working their butts off during their out of school time to catch up. We're also excited to share that we'll spend the rest of the summer getting to know our next 50 First Mile Coalition kids. Thanks to support from HP, one of our FMC founding partners, we are expanding our services! To support our efforts, join us as a 1:1 sponsor for one of our kids.

Work In ActionVivien Luk