Our Vision

A world where poverty does not exist.

Our mission

The mission of Work is to accompany families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs.

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our values

We celebrate the inherent power in every person. 

Every individual has potential.  By standing beside the people we serve, working to remove barriers to their success, and providing necessary resources to help them work towards sustainability, we restore human dignity.

We work without fear.

We are fearless both in our decisionmaking and in the places and people we serve.  We don’t hesitate.

We keep it simple.

By keeping our vision simple, our mission will always remain clear and actionable.

We do whatever it takes. 

Dignity is a human right.  We treat the people we serve the same way we’d treat our own families.

We give and work with joy. 

The attitude with which we give and work is as important as the amount of time or money given.  We approach it with reckless abandon.

We finish the job. 

We break cycles of poverty by defining and treating root causes with those we serve, whether that takes us 10 days or 10 years.